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How to convert a React Class Component to a Function Component

Learn how to convert a React class component over to a React function component, with these quick steps. If you've got an older codebase, or you'd like to try the power of React hooks in your code, function components can be a great way to do it. Plus function components are less boilerplate and nicer to read!

Understanding event throttling

Event throttling, what on Earth is it, how does it work, and why do you care? Find out what event throttling is and why you might need it in your javascript app.

How To Hot Reload NodeJs Server

How to Hot Reload a NodeJs Server on File Changes And a really quick lesson on the Node require.cache Recently I was working on a NextJs project with a custom Node server.

Add Extra Custom Data To Ninja Forms Submissions

Ever needed to add custom data to a Ninja Forms submission? The post id it was submitted on, some client side metric or analytical data? This quick snippet will let you do it!

Use modern jQuery in Wordpress

Did you know the bundled version of jQuery in Wordpress is REALLY old? jQuery 1.12.4 is what comes with Wordpress and it has security vulnerabilities galore. Update your Wordpress site with modern jQuery and keep it secure and fast!

Quick Intro To Node and NPM

Wondering what is Node.js or what is NPM? Node.js enables developers to build server side apps in Javascript. Node is commonly used for Web Applications, REST APIs and more.