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Difference between arrow functions and regular functions

ES6 introduced arrow functions to the JavaScript landscape. The arrow function is extremely useful, but can't be used everywhere. Find out the key differences between arrow functions and regular functions and when to use each.

Add Woocommerce Support in Sage 9

Want to build a killer Woocommerce theme with Sage 9? Enable Woocommerce support in Sage 9 with Blade templates.

Gatsby generate related posts at build time

Getting related posts using Gatsby can be a little tricky at build time. Doing it in the browser might get slow. Luckily we can create a schema customisation to generate automatic related posts at build time!

PHP Splice into an associative array

Array_splice in PHP with an associative array? Find out how with this quick tip!

How to convert a React Class Component to a Function Component

Learn how to convert a React class component over to a React function component, with these quick steps. If you've got an older codebase, or you'd like to try the power of React hooks in your code, function components can be a great way to do it. Plus function components are less boilerplate and nicer to read!

Custom React Hooks Make Asynchronous Data Fetching Easy (er)

Fetching remote data in React components can get a little messy. Learn how to use custom hooks to make data fetching a little bit easier.

Introduction to Custom React Hooks

You've heard of React's hooks, but did you know you can roll your own? Find out how to make custom React hooks.

Using absolute (alias) imports in Javascript and VSCode

Sick of typing relative import paths? Learn how to import javascript or typescript modules with absolute paths in webpack & VSCode and be more productive.

Using Custom React Hooks to Listen to DOM Events

Listening to DOM events in React can quickly get messy. Luckily, custom React hooks can easily 'Reactify' our DOM events.

Understanding event throttling

Event throttling, what on Earth is it, how does it work, and why do you care? Find out what event throttling is and why you might need it in your javascript app.

How To Hot Reload NodeJs Server

How to Hot Reload a NodeJs Server on File Changes And a really quick lesson on the Node require.cache Recently I was working on a NextJs project with a custom Node server.

Enqueue Wordpress Plugin Admin Panel Scripts

Need to add scripts or styles to your admin backend for your plugin or theme feature? Find out how to do it properly with a few simple lines.